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Welcome to Embodied Experiences in the Environment: Developing Curriculum 

Investigating and practicing dance-based embodied experiences to enhance acuity and awareness of the environment, towards developing response-ability∗.

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∗ Response-ability is a term coined by Donna J. Haraway referring to developing our ability to respond thoughtfully and with intention to that which is around us. In Embodied Experiences in the Environment, we practice our ability to engage our full sense in response mode, including that stillness and non-action are responses. We practice kindness towards the earth, our fellow humans and critters. Read more about Donna J. Haraway’s theories in Staying with the Trouble: Making Kind with the Chthulucene, published by Duke University Press.

Thanks to Grinnell College for making this research possible through the Mentored Independent Project and Mentored Advanced Project programs. Thanks to Mo Petzl and Katie Walden in the Digital Lab for helping sort out the digital components. And a HUGE thanks to Celeste Miller for guiding us through this project.